What Veterans need

Mentors Needed

Listed are all the occupations we currently have need for. Please don't be dissuaded if your particular job or occupation isn't listed. That just means it hasn't come up yet but you can bet, we're going to need it eventually. We've matched mentees looking to be Baby Photographers and Tattoo Artists so if you're a professional in your trade, please sign up.

List of Occupations

This list is taken directly off of the database from the veterans. It's the jobs and occupations they're looking to get into.

  • Photo Journalist
  • Entrepreneur for Pet Food
  • Chocolatier
  • Psychology-oriented consultant for businesses
  • Human Resources specialize in Compensation
  • Professional in Banking, Marketing ect
  • Game designer
  • Resilience, counselling
  • Condo Manager
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Systems Administrator
  • Manager, administrator, training officer
  • Insurance Management
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