Being a Mentee

How to be a successful Mentee

  1. Keep an open mind: You're going to be paired with somebody who knows a great deal about the career you're trying to enter or excel at. They are the SME and it's your responsibility to absorb and internalize their feedback. Just like in the military, it's possible they're going to tell you something you don't want to hear. Their job is to share the realities of their occupation.
  2. Be prepared: Do your research and be prepared with questions. It might range from school options to how to seek employment. For Mentees who are already in their career field (Primary Reserves) it might be that you need help with your plan to advance. No matter what the stage you're at, come prepared.
  3. Don't waste anybody's time: Getting lined up with a mentor is a huge benefit so don't squander it. Show up on time and be considerate of theirs.
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate: Respond promptly to emails and phone calls from your mentor. It's very possible you and your Mentor are not in the same city (or time zone) so make every accommodation to stay connected. If you are in the same city, try to meet in person over a coffee or beer.

Good luck and be sure to send feedback to your Sol2Lead case manager when prompted. That feedback helps up improve this new service.