What is my time commitment as a Mentor?

  • You can expect to spend 2-4 hours a month as mentor. More if you’re inclined but we see very successful outcomes with just a couple of hours. Remember, you’re the expert in this occupation so with just a couple of exchanges, you can have a meaningful impact on a veteran or soldier.

What jobs or occupations are you looking for Mentors in?

To be honest, we need every type of Mentor under the sun. That said, here is a list of Mentor positions we need to fill right now. Mentors Needed. Even if your current occupation isn’t listed, please do sign up as we have new veterans joining every day.

Do you have a Mentor for me?

We are constantly adding new Mentors. Have a look at our current list here. If we don’t have a Mentor in your field/occupation, we’ll endeavor to go out and find you your Mentor.

Are they expecting me to give them a job?

  • No, there is no expectations for employment. The value you bring as a Mentor will hopefully lead to a career in the future for the veteran but not necessarily with you. That said, your direction and guidance will hopefully open doors for your Mentee.

Is there a cost associated with this program?

  • No, there are no costs, fees or any other monies need to participate as a Mentor or Mentee.

What if I’m paired with a Mentor/Mentee who isn’t in the exact profession?

  • As you can imagine, finding exact matches for some professions can be difficult. In these cases we try to line up the Mentor and Mentee who are in the same sector or industry. In these cases the goal might be for the Mentor to access their own network to try and find an additional resource with more direct knowledge of career. Sometimes a successful mentorship is simply introducing the Mentee to another future Mentor.

Can only Veterans apply?

  • The program is available to Regular Force, Northern Rangers, Primary Reserve and Veterans of either. Mentors do not need to have a background in the military.

Ok, I’ve signed up to be a Mentor. Now what do I do?

  • Thanks for signing up! An email will be sent to you to give you some guidance on how to be a Mentor. Best part is you know what to do already because you’re already successful in your career. The rest is about being available to answer questions and provide some sage wisdom to your Mentee. Be sure to also look at our “How to Mentor” page.

I already have a job. Why would I need a Mentor?

  • Many Primary Reserve soldiers who already have jobs want to grow or change careers. In either case, a Mentor can provide direction and help open doors.

I’ve signed up to find a Mentor. Now what?

  • We’re adding you to our Mentee list and we’ll be in contact with you shortly. Please be sure to read “How To Be A Successful Mentee” and start preparing for your meeting.