What is Mentoring

Mentoring is the transference of knowledge & wisdome from a senior person, to a junior person. For Sol2Lead, our expectation is that Mentor will provide some guidance and relevant answers to the soldier/veteran with regards to their profession. How did you start? What did you take in school? These are simple engagements via email or phone. If geographics work, a face-to-face is encouraged but not critical for a successful mentorship.

Why have a Mentor

Many veterans make the jump from military to civilian seamlessly. That said, most would avoid the calamity of a major life-shift if they had more relevant feedback and direction from somebody who is already in their desired field. Where to go to school? What to take? How to apply for positions? The simple act of having a trusted adviser from the same industry will be a force multiplier for the veteran.

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Facts About Mentorship

Number of Veterans leaving the service
% of Veterans without professional guidance
Money spent yearly on Veteran edcuation
Hours Mentoring to have meaningful outcome